Honey District was formed in 2016. Market a range of natural skin care products, premium manuka honey from New Zealand.

This followed the discovery that the Manuka trees growing in this small isolated area on the East Cape contained an essential oil in their tiny leaves that possessed powerful curative properties.

The Manuka Tree

"Manuka" is the Maori name for Leptospermum Scoparium, a native tree of New Zealand. It grows widely throughout the country and is found at altitudes ranging from sea level to subalpine and in many varying climates. Its role in the native forest is to nurture, protect and enrich the other native trees during infancy as a new forest is regenerated.

These trees grow prolifically on the East Cape. They are often found in harsh and exposed terrain and subjected to wild, wet and windy climatic conditions and still they thrive! The stubborn strength of these trees is imparted to the essential oil, which is stored in their leaves, which in turn protect the tree from attack by bacteria, fungi and insects. At flowering time these plain sometimes scraggy trees emerge heavily cloaked in small, delicate white flowers attractive to the bees which collect its nectar to produce a rich amber honey which is also known for its health giving properties.

Through their essential oils, leaves and honey the East Cape Manuka have begun to share their secrets with us and to share the source of their profound strength and durability.

You can also now share the strengths of this wonderful plant through Natural Solutions East Cape Manuka products.